Join us at the prestigious Belvedere Golf & Country Club for the “Hackers Fore Housing” Charity Golf Tournament in support of The HOME Program.


The HOME Program curriculum is currently being redeveloped.

The new program will be launched Summer 2017.

The New HOME Program is an Education program covering topics that the potential home owner will need to be aware of and understand prior to purchasing a home. The workshops are designed to be interactive, engaging, and relevant to the participants, drawing on their thoughts, experiences, and queries.

Topics covered during the workshops include:

  • Is Home ownership right for you?
  • Affordability - Budgeting, now and as a homeowner
  • Credit Rating and Debts
  • The Home Buying Process
  • Mortgages and Finance Options
  • The Closing Process

The HOME Program is not just about education. It is also about supporting the participants after they have completed the workshops. We aim to provide ongoing support and advocacy through partnerships with other community organizations that can provide services and support to participants (and refer participants to the program), individual support in helping participants to address various obstacles, and the development of new or modified workshops catered to specific community needs.

The HOME Program can also provide financial assistance to participants. We are looking at redeveloping the down payment assistance program with the aim of better supporting those with low and moderate incomes move into home ownership.

We look forward to the launch of the new HOME Program this upcoming summer! Stay tuned!





Enjoy a round of golf on a beautiful course and support an excellent cause at the same time

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